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Julianne has experience treating a wide variety of health issues. 

She looks forward to meeting you!


Our Products and Services

*Prices are subject to change depending on procedures performed and complexity of the treatment.

Healing with Acupuncture for 20 Years​ 

Acupuncture First Treatment


This treatment usually takes about 1.5-2 hours.  We will begin with a consultation to review your health history and current healthcare issues and follow with acupuncture.  Please wear something comfortable as most treatments require points on the lower legs.

Acupuncture Follow-up


This treatment will take 1-1.5 hours depending on the complexity.  We will begin with a brief consultation on progress and any other concerns and follow with acupuncture.


Moxa is an herb that is burned on the top of the acupuncture needle during treatment to improve circulation, decrease inflammation, and to improve health.  



What our customers are saying

I am thoroughly impressed with Julianne's amazing professionalism and successful treatment relieving my sciatic nerve pain in just two visits!  She performs a complete evaluation and her availability makes it easy for you to make an appointment without having to miss work as she is also open on Saturdays.  Her care and bedside manner is absolutely wonderful as she makes you feel like you're the only patient she has.  Her office and treatment rooms are very clean and aesthetically pleasing to all of our senses.  I have recommended Julianne to my family and friends and highly recommend her to you.  You'll be happy you found her.

Julianne had helped me through many different conditions, from balancing hormones and anxiety, to sinus infection, to vertigo...etc. She has a very gentle approach. She is kind and listens intently to every word I say. She has food recommendations to help balance whatever is out of balance. She has lots of different herbs that have even healed a sinus infection (so glad not to have to get a prescription pharmaceutical!!). I always leave her session feeling euphoric, and am taken into a deep, deep state of relaxation. She is just amazing!

Julianne provides wonderful care. Her technique with needle insertion and removal is excellent. She asks incisive questions to guide treatment. I appreciate that I can make appointments by phone or email, and Julianne is always responsive. She has always been on-time for my appointments, as well.

I have seen Julianne for several different conditions and she has been a great help each time. She is very professional always pleasant. She listens to one’s concerns and asks thoughtful questions to help understand ones concerns. On numerous occasions made time for appointments, even on very short notice when needed. I would highly recommend her.

I was recommended to Julienne by a friend to help with my allergy symptoms and it made a world of difference. I go regularly and it’s the most relaxing, peaceful and healing experience. I highly recommend Julienne who is so great, kind, patient and knowledgeable.

I’ve found Julianne’s approach to be extremely thorough. She listens thoughtfully and asks comprehensive questions, follows up on symptoms and outcome, offers options to further support treatment and generally provides a calm and healing overall experience. Highly recommend!

Julianne has treated various ailments over the years for me. She is very understanding and helpful. I have had various weird work schedules over the years. I would generally have to make or move appointments on the same day. Julianne always tried to accommodate me even I would literally call or email her hours before I would try to get in. I am grateful for this.

She gave the most comprehensive health questionnaire I have ever experienced. I was impressed. Both courses of treatment that I took from her, each several years apart were quite effective.

Throughout yrs I have been to several of the diff acupuncture offices throughout Austin. I always left feeling slightly unsatisfied for one reason or another. A colleague recommended Julianne to me in 2014 when I was suffering immensely from a newly diagnosed autoimmune ulcerative colitis diagnosis. Drs were wanting to start me on immunosuppressants which I knew was a route I did not want to take. I immediately felt at ease discussing an awkward disease w Julianne upon initial meeting. After my first session, I realized what I was missing all those previous times. Julianne spends time finding the exact spot to place each needle & makes sure everything is comfortable & exactly where it should be. She guineinly cares about the well being of other human beings. Since initially going to her for UC; I now go back for anything else that comes up - running injuries, anxiety, stress, panic attacks. For me, I leave an appt w Julianne feeling so refreshed/relaxed/restored/& renewed.

Julianne has been treating me for various health issues for many years. I found Julianne after I was frustrated with my healthcare provider prescribing me many medications to treat my issues. My issues never resolved and I was also dealing with the side effects of the medications. I highly recommend Julianne and acupuncture treatments if you are looking for a natural approach to healing. Julianne is kind and always takes the time to listen to how you are feeling to customize the treatment for that session. I find acupuncture to be very relaxing and her office space is comfortable to optimize your treatment sessions.

Julianne treated me while I was pregnant. It was easy to make an appointment, I appreciated her professionalism and the quality of her care was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and gave me confidence that I was in good hands. I was in a lot of pain from the pregnancy and Western medicine wasn't working. I turned to Julianne for help and was relieved she knew exactly what to do. I would highly recommend her.

I am new to Austin and found Julianne online. She is wonderful. She help both my girlfriend and I get through some serious issues we were having.

I have received excellent care from Julianne for about 16 years. She listens to my concerns and is very knowledgeable. She is a kind and caring person who provides the highest quality of care. This has allowed me to maintain my health over the years.

I was completely skeptical at first. I suffered a mid-foot injury and my PCP recommended acupuncture. I did research and found Julianne. I couldn't have been happier. She is exceedingly helpful. I'm referring all my friends.

Julianne has provide excellent experiences to my wife my daughter and me. She is always cheerful and thoughtful with her caring ways to her practice. She listens to our concerns about how our aches and pains are affecting us and how to use acupuncture to help alleviate those concerns. She is easy to see and works with your schedule. Her office is clean with soft listening music to assist you with a healthful session to leave you relaxed and feeling great.

Julianne treated me for back and digestive issues. She’s always very observant about my stress levels. Many times she could tell how stressed I was before I said anything. I would still be seeing her regularly if I stilled lived in Austin and try to make an appt when I do go back.

Julienne Forcier's expert acupuncture treatments brought me fast relief from the spinal problems I had. She answers questions and explains everything very well. I recommend her highly.

Julianne is an highly skilled practitioner and has helped me address specific health issues in addition to providing general wellness support. She is a gentle, a careful listener, and maintains a pretty, clean, and tranquil office. I always leave sessions feeling refreshed and grounded.

Julianne has been treating me the past few years when I’ve needed it for tension/headaches/allergies/post surgery pain. She is very professional and so good about listening to what you may be having issues with and treats as needed.

For years Julianne has always focused on my needs & desires during the amazing acupuncture sessions. The atmosphere is very relaxing. The aroma & music are so calming The only thing I don’t like is when the session is over, but when I leave I feel revitalized & ready to face the day’s challenges. The sessions are my time, they are about me, only for me & she sure understands that.

Julianne is incredible. Her office space is very clean and soothing, with a good vibe. More importantly, she has helped me with stress and with pain. After I was helped, my elderly mother started going to her for severe Lower back pain and she got amazing relief by the second treatment. Good communicator too.

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